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SELSC Board Members


President: Stephen Banks - [email protected]  
Treasurer: Ron Reed- [email protected] 

Dennis Shelby - [email protected]
Jacqueline Bertram
Andre Rudolp
John Currid

Club Admin- Lesa Droe - [email protected]

A. Officers: The officers of the S.E.L.S.C. Inc. shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; any additional members will be Board Members at-Large with consecutive number designation. All elected Board Members must pass a background check. Elected Officers shall make-up the Board of Directors. The President may appoint (and rescind) one additional member to the board who is associated with the technical soccer training of the organization. The member shall not have voting authority on financial issues related to the organization or anytime it is determined there is a conflict of interest.

B. Removal: Any officer may be removed immediately by the Board of Directors with or without cause whenever, in the judgment of a majority of the Board of Directors, such removal is in the best interest of S.E.L.S.C. Inc.

1. The removed Board Member shall have the right to appeal the Boards action; in the case of an appeal, the removal shall be deemed final unless a majority of members of the organization overturn such action.
2. The appealing member must notify all of the Board of Directors, in writing either electronic or US Mail, of their appeal within Seven (7) days of their removal; in such a case a Special Meeting shall be called within Thirty (30) days.

3. A quorum of members as described in Article III, Section D is required for an appeal to be valid; if such a quorum is not met, the removal shall be final.

4. If members overturn the Board’s action of removal the members decision shall be final, and the Board member shall retain their original elected position.

C. President: The President shall be the principal executive officer of S.E.L.S.C. Inc. and shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors, at the Annual Meeting and at all special meetings of general membership. The President will be the signer of any deeds, mortgages, bonds and/or contracts on behalf of S.E.L.S.C. Inc. The President is the authorized agent for S.E.L.S.C. Inc. to execute any and all court documents or other instruments as directed by a vote of the Board of Directors. The President is an authorized signer on behalf of S.E.L.S.C., Inc.

D. Vice President: The Vice President shall be the principal operations officer and preside over the day-to-day operations of the organization. The Vice President shall oversee any committees adopted by the organization. At the written request of the President, he or she may call on the Vice President to administer the non-contractual responsibilities of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President is an authorized signer on behalf of S.E.L.S.C. Inc.

E. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all proceedings of the Board of Directors and the Annual or special meetings of S.E.L.S.C. Inc. These minutes shall be made available to members in electronic format upon request and must be approved at the subsequent meetings. The Secretary shall also be responsible for all club communications.

F. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping, maintaining and reporting on the bank accounts, books, audits of the finances, and tax responsibilities for S.E.L.S.C. Inc. The Treasurer shall maintain financial records from any accounts open
in the organization’s name including but not limited to savings, checking, credit, merchant services, or mobile or online payment accounts. The Treasurer is an authorized signer on behalf of S.E.L.S.C., Inc. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the budget and the budgeting process of the organization. The Treasurer shall make and/or provide financial reports at meetings or at the request of the Board.

G. At-Large: At-Large Members shall perform such duties as assigned by the President. At-Large Members shall be available for committee assignments and be available for any duties as required to run the organization. The number of At-Large members may be determined by the board at the annual meeting. When additional at-large members are added, new members will be appointed by the board. If the number of At-Large members is reduced, a special election of all of the At-Large members will be held at the annual meeting. The positions will be filled in the order of the candidates that receive the most votes until all positions are filled.

H. Term: Each Officer shall hold office for two years or until resignation, removal from office or death. President, Treasurer and at-Large Board Members with even number designations shall be elected on even years at the Annual Meetings. The Vice President, Secretary and At-Large Board Members with odd number designations shall be elected on the odd number years at the Annual Meeting.

I. General Duties: The Board of Directors will direct and manage the business and affairs of S.E.L.S.C. Inc., exercise all powers of the corporation and do all lawful acts not prohibited by the Articles, any bylaws or applicable state or federal laws. The Board of Directors shall have the general duties and powers of fiduciaries and shall have full power of S.E.L.S.C. Inc. Audits of the books, accounts and records of the Association will be maintained by the Board of Directors but shared with the membership at the Annual Meeting each July. The Board of Directors shall prepare a budget for the club, which must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to or at the Annual Meeting in July of each year. The budget shall be available to members upon request to the

J. Payments: Only authorized signers may make transactions on behalf of the organization. Receipts must be submitted to the Treasurer for all purchases in a timely manner. The organization may only make payments or withdraws that have been
approved by membership and in the budget. Unbudgeted funding requests must be made to the board prior to purchase and approval is at the sole discretion of the board and may only be considered if funds are available.

K. Vacancy: If a board position becomes vacant for any reason the Board shall nominate and fill the vacancy by majority vote at the next regular meeting. The individual filling the position shall serve the remaining term of the position they are being
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