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Travel Soccer "Rules of Play" (OHSTL)

OHTSL RULES OF PLAY (last updated 7/8/2013)
U8-U10 U11-U12 U13-U14
Field size (recommended) 45-60yds by 35-45 yds 70-80yds by 45-55 yds 90-120yds by 50-65yards
Goal size (recommended) max 6' high x 18' wide max 6' high x 18' wide max 8' high x 24' wide
Ball size Regulation #4 Regulation #4 Regulation #5
player equipment FIFA FIFA FIFA
Roster Max # players: 12 14 18
Number of players on field (including goal keeper ) 6v6 8v8 11v11
Min # players to start match: 4 6 7
When guest players* are used, the Max # of total players: 9 11 15
Goalkeepers Yes Yes Yes
Referees Yes Yes Yes
Asst referees No assistant Referees are assigned. - Use of club linesmen is permitted for calling out of play on touchlines/goal lines only.
Duration of games 2 x 25 minute halves 2 x 30 minute halves 2 x 35 minute halves
Kick-off after goal Yes Yes Yes
Methods of scoring FIFA FIFA FIFA
Fouls & misconduct FIFA FIFA FIFA
Sliding & Slide tackling ** FIFA FIFA FIFA
Free kicks FIFA - except opponents five(5) yards from the ball FIFA FIFA
Distance from START/restart 5yds FIFA FIFA
Penalty kicks FIFA FIFA FIFA
corner kicks FIFA - except opponents five(5) yards from the ball until it is played FIFA FIFA
pass back rule *** FIFA FIFA FIFA
goalie punts goalies may not punt,drop kick or throw the ball directly into the opponents penalty area (PA). It must bounce or be touched by another player before entering PA. FIFA FIFA
Substitutions: 1. Either team may substitute at any stoppage of play, with the referee's permission. (this is FIFA)

2. When a player has been cautioned – recommended but not required - this would be a good teaching moment.

3. Substituted players may return to play in the game.

4. There is no substitution limitation.
* Guest Players: It is permissible for players, within a club, to "guest" with another team of the same age group, or even to play up for their club’s higher age group team. Guesting down is not permitted. Guest players must bring their validated player pass, and must be identified and noted on the game cards.
** Sliding & Slide Tackling is a part of the game and is permitted. FIFA laws do not prohibit slide tackles. The Laws of the Game describe fouls that involve tripping, kicking, and dangerous play. Coaches should take care to teach players the difference between a clean tackle of the ball, versus a careless or reckless tackle of the body that will result in a foul and possible issuance of a yellow or red card.
*** The "Pass-Back Rule" refers to a field player kicking the ball back to the goal keeper deliberately. If a referee determines that a player has intentionally kicked the ball back to the goal keeper, who handles the ball with their hands, it is a foul and will result in an IFK at the spot of the foul (unless in the goal area - the ball is then placed on the 6). In other words, a player cannot intentionally kick the ball back to their own goal keeper and have the GK pick the ball up with their hands. Unintentional deflections do not count as intentional. The referee's opinion is what counts in this situation, not the spectators!
Severe Weather: If lightning is seen or thunder heard, then the threat is present and the game must be immediately suspended until the severe weather clears the area. The game may not be resumed until 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lightning is seen. It is the referee’s discretion how long to wait or call a game. Adult coaches should confer and assist the youth referees when making this decision (how long to wait). Use common sense!
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