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Benjamin F. Gunter IV - "Coach Ben"


Coach Ben serves as SELSC's lead trainer and Head Coach for our SELECT+ teams. Coach Ben has over 15 years of experience coaching youth soccer. Coach Ben is a trainer and coach with Force Soccer Academy and is the head varsity coach for the men's soccer team at Trinity High School. 

Coach Ben got his start coaching with Inner City Soccer Club in Akron, Ohio, and has been working his craft ever since. In 2006 he began to work towards becoming a professional coach, and earning his professional coaching certifications. He received his USSF National D License in 2009, and then his National Youth License in 2014.

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From Coach Ben....


Greetings Coaches & Parents,

Just wanted to touch base with you again to continue with keeping the doors of communication open, and to continue with the coaching education.
We want to give you the tools that will help you, help our SELREC players continue to find the romance in the game. While also helping you to become better coaches of the game, and make SELSC the place to be when it comes to player development!

Player Development has to be the central focus for our SELREC players. I have started with attaching a base Core Curriculum that takes you through the rest of the season. As you can see, with most of our curriculum at these ages, the ball to player ratio stays low -- 1:1; 1:3. And the focus is on ball mastery. Being able to have controlled dribble, change directions, and start to make decisions on their own is a huge part in the Player Development process.

For us as coaches, we must continue to work on the process of Guided Discovery -- asking the right questions, at the right times. Instead of telling them what to do, can we guide them to discovering the best solution -- for them! We also continue to ask the coaches to be part of the Training Process on Saturday mornings. Feel free to ask me questions at any time about the process, or if there is something in the curriculum you need clarified. 

Last week, we talked with the kids a little bit more in-depth about mobility. This week we will continue on this theme, while working more on changing direction.
So, in your games, see if you can further the learning by challenging the kids to change directions; not dribble in straight lines. 

Thank you for all you do for the program! 
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